Florida Fresh & Green Markets

When necessary, I prefer to shop for my fruit and vegetables from local farmers.  I trust their products more  than the  commercial establishments  in my area like  Walmart, Publix and Winn-Dixie.  The local farmers market’s I frequently shop at offer inexpensive fresh organic and conventional produce I can afford on my budget and I feel good knowing I am supporting independent business owners.

If you’re in Florida and looking for a market to visit near you, here’s a list of markets open year-round. I haven’t had the chance to visit them all but I look forward to exploring. I’ll be adding reviews on the ones I have had a chance to visit so far and the ones I’ll come across along the way. You’ll find everything from fresh breads, honey, organic and locally grown produce, sauces, baked goods, prepared food, preserves and much more.


IMG_1616 (1)












The Yellow Green Farmers Market
1940 North 30th Road
Hollywood, Florida 33021


I decided to kick  this section off with my favorite one,  Yellow Green Farmer’s Market . I’m sure you can tell by Jono’s expression it’s a really fun place.  Just so you’ll know, this market is open on Saturday and Sunday only from 8AM to 4 PM.  Parking is free and plentiful and I always try to arrive early to beat the crowd.  It’s an open air facility so dress cool and wear comfortable shoes.  Take your time to look around to see what vendors are offering; the selection is amazing.  Some of the things I purchase regularly other than produce are Hemp Oil Salve, a Deep Tissue Massage and Homemade Soap.  If you visit the market please come back to my site to share your experience.

Brothers Farmer’s Market of Davie
6871 Stirling Road
Davis, FL 33314




I will be adding more markets soon.



3 thoughts on “Florida Fresh & Green Markets

    • Digga Yah

      Y&G Farmer’s Market is really nice. Florida Foodie introduced me to it and I’m very happy with all of my shopping experiences so far. I usually shop weekly for veggies and fruit and the prices are very affordable. The best time to go is early before the crowd because it gets crowded later in the day. You’ll be amazed at the selection of fresh produce, home and handmade items. All vendors are small business owners who take pride in their products. It’s truly an amazing place. Thanks Florida Foodie for the information and keep up the good work!


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