Food Items to Avoid

There are so many reasons to avoid eating genetically modified foods.  This page is going to be used to help guide your decisions about which foods you should and shouldn’t eat.  Since the information and research is so extensive,  I’ve decided to simply posts links to interesting articles you can read in your free time.

The Institute For Responsible Technology (IRT) has a very shocking definition of what a GMO is.  As you can see from the screenshot image below taken from their website,  GMO’s contain items that are extremely questionable!  We can no longer allow food corporations and pharmacuetical companies to conspire over issues concerning our wellbeing.  We must be knowledgeable and willing to make better choices about what we eat in order to live long healthy lives.  Please share the articles with your friends and family.



  1.  What is a GMO?
  2. Aborted Fetus Cells in Processed Foods  This reminds me of the film Soylent Green which was produced in 1973.  The movie is mainly about a company using a secret ingredient in the food products.  It’s ironic how old sci-fi movies usually become reality.  If you don’t believe me watch SoylentnGreen and the 1988 film They Live.
  3. Why You Should Avoid Pork
  4. Top 10 Reasons to Not Eat Shrimp
  5. Meat Glue Have you ever wondered what happens to food scraps or how sliced and sandwhich meat products get their uniform shape?   After watching this video, I know how restaurants, grocers and food producers get their meat to look identical.
  6. GMO Foods Contaminated with Glyphosphate. When I learned about GMO foods, one of first items I stopped consuming is soy products.  Based on the research I did, all non-organic soy products are very dangerous.  I don’t recommend using soy products unless they are organic.  Check your food labels carefully to see if you have anything contains soy.  I realized it was in my mom’s coffee creamer.